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Mo' OSINT, Mo' Problems?
MetaOSINT ("MO") is here to help.

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MO enables open-source intelligence ("OSINT") practitioners to quickly identify relevant, publicly-available tools and resources, saving valuable time during investigations, research, and analysis.

MO evaluated a staggering 17,000 source links that appeared in a continually growing catalog of "OSINT tool & resource lists" shared throughout the OSINT community. For the first time, MO measured the overlap among these lists, in an effort to highlight the "top" resources, based on number of shared citations. In total, more than 11,000 unique OSINT tools & resources were identified on nearly 30 evaluated lists alone. The MO website specifically provides the 4,810 resources cited multiple times across these lists.

Despite some efforts to automate OSINT research (for example, see the Workflow / Productivity Tools > Programming / Automation chart bubbles), open-source investigations (especially person searches) remain a manual effort. This is where MO helps. MO is expected to have two primary uses:

MO was conceived by a former OSINT investigator, but entered existence simply as an excuse to practice coding during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you benefited from this project, please consider a small contribution to MO's favorite charity.

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